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Welcome to 3DText version


BrightSlides LLC is proud to present to you a high quality PPT Addin, which uses multiple technologies to help you easily create stunning Poweproint slides.  Our 3D Text component is built on the OpenGL 3D engine to render a real high-quality 3D Text effect. The key features of the component are:

32- bit ActiveX component for Visual Basic and other ActiveX compatible environments (Visual C++, Delphi, Microsoft Office and many more)

Build on OpenGL technology. 3DText simply shines on machines with OpenGL accelerated video cards.

Display multiline texts with Excel like fill effects and extrusion.

State of the art Microsoft - like visual interface available at runtime.

Seamless ASP integration. You can create a dynamic client side by just visually editing the component. Configuring the 3DText to work on ASP servers is done with a helper application - no code is required to manage you temporary and image files. Inserting the 3DText in the ASP page is done with one function call. 3DText is user agent sensitive and can generate different responses to different browsers.

Export to JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, Targa, Tiff or native Text format.

The component uses the Nevron LLC 3D ActiveX standard.

Enjoy using this professional ActiveX control and don’t forget to check out for more new and exciting Nevron ActiveX components