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The first button is the background button on the Library tab.


Clicking this button displays all the backgrounds are included in the main shelf view.





You will see you will notice in the top part of the left-hand pane it says backgrounds, shown in sky blue below. These are the main categories that are included in the backgrounds, as you can see from the screenshot below, there are two main categories  of Standard & Widescreen. Standard backgrounds are normally used for the older square style screens and monitors. We have designed these backgrounds in standard size at 1024x768 screen resolution.  but In case you're running a widescreen monitor such as a laptop, you can choose and select Widescreen. Most designs and backgrounds that are included with podium have been designed for both formats.


You will also notice that there is also a section right below the background section called Sub-Category, We have highlighted this section in red below. Click on any one of these subcategory items to load the backgrounds in that category.




Now, let's talk about the backgrounds in the main shelf view and how to use them.  below, we show a snippet of a background in the background's view. The first one has a light – blue border around it to display that it is the currently selected background. The one next to it has no blue border which means that it is not selected.




Let's say you want to use the selected light cream marble background as one of your designs. You can right-click your mouse button over the selected background to see the available options in the pop-up context menu.




There are five options that pop up, you will also notice that these five options are also available on the Library tab.  let's quickly discuss what each one of these items do.


Add to Favorites, when you click this option Add to Favorites, you are telling podium that you like this slide and you want to have it for quick access. You will be able to access this slide in other tabs without hopping back over to the library tab.

Create new slide in Slide Designer, this option will take the current design and take it over to the Slide Designer tab, where you can add filters and transformations to create completely brand-new slide designs.

Create new slide in Slide Builder, this option will take the current design and take it over to the Slide Builder tab, where you can build up on the slide layer by layer and add vector-based drawing shapes. as well as shapes and embellishments.

Use as 3-D Text Background, this option will take the current design and take it over to the 3D Text, or you can use the design that you just selected as the background for 3-D text.

Download, this option will download the full version of this slide design to your computer from the Cloud. All content except for thumbnails are stored in the cloud.  once you download a design it is saved to your local hard drive, no need to download it again. If the download menu item is disabled, that means you have already downloaded the item. Once downloaded you can easily just double-click on it to open it up in slight designer or choose one of the other options from the context menu or the ribbon bar to use it in a different tab.