Downloading Stock Photo's

Downloading Stock Photo's

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Downloading Stock Photo's

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Downloading stock photos from Podium is easy. Simply right-click on it and choose download as shown in the screenshot below. If you have a valid license to podium, the download will automatically begin no further verification is necessary.


After download is complete you can choose to use it in Slide Builder,  Slide Designer or as the background of your 3-D text.




Now wouldn't this picture look good to define or to convey a long winding road!


Keep in mind any picture that you choose whether it's from within Podium, or from your imports, or from anywhere else can be used to define or convey a metaphoric expression, be creative in how you use it!


If you plan to use a stock photo as a background of your PowerPoint presentation, you will need to do some additional enhancements to the picture before you can use it, just simply because most PowerPoint backgrounds are never this strong in color and saturation. We'll show you how you can tone it down using slide designer to make it so your audience can actually read your text. If you don't tone it down your text might not be that visible.