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Help Tab

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Help Tab

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Help Tab


The help tab in podium, offers quick access to some support centers, customer areas, checking for updates and other items.




This is the help tab in podium. Let's review each button quickly. Next line


Web Navigation Section:  The first section is web navigation for back and forward.the screen below the help tab also acts as a web browser, not a fully functional web browser but enough to show you the podium website which includes the support center.


Help Section:  This section has two buttons one of them is the Help File and the other one is a dialog that opens when you click on Getting Started. Getting started is tooltips plus a two-minute overview which launches a nice getting started guide.


Online Help Section: This section opens the Podium website and opens up the technical support site.depending on the Internet explorer version that you have installed the site may show some technical difficulties in that case just head over to www.brightslides.com.


Website Section: this section has customer area which launches you into your account section, this also has an announcements and news which launches you into the Podium blog.  the last button Check for Updates checks the bright slides server for the latest version of podium. If you have the latest version you will be notified that no update as needed. If it does find an update on the server, you can downloaded and install it.