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Welcome to Podium™

for PowerPoint


BrightSlides LLC is proud to present to you a high quality Microsoft® Powerpoint® Addin, which uses multiple technologies to help you easily create stunning Microsoft® Powerpoint® slides.  Our 3D Text component is built on the OpenGL 3D engine to render a real high-quality 3D Text effect so your slides can shine. Key features of Podium are:


Written from the ground up to give you blazing fast performance and rock-solid stability.


Library Features

Powerful Presentation and Templates Manager to qucikly find and index every Presentation and Template on your computer.

Over 100 Royalty Free Backgrounds provided so you can get your creative juices flowing.

Over 50 High-Quality Microsoft® Powerpoint® templates with multiple layouts in each.

Over 100 Royalty Free Stock Photography Images to give your presentations a modern and professional look.

Over 250 Royalty Free Shapes & Embellishments...All professionally designed in-house.

Incredible Slide Designer to give you truly unlimited possibilities of quickly creating stunning slides in matter of a few clicks.

Complete PowerPoint presentation library manager, podium finds every presentation on your hard drives and displays them in the shelf view, so they are all in one place.


Designer Features

Over 75 amazing filters and transformation options to completely give take your slide to the next level.

Over 15 Color transformation functions

Isolated Selection tools to make your slides unique.

Save in Native file or Standard raster-based formats


Builder Features

Full node-based drawing tools.

Various drawing tools available, such as rectangle, circle, Polygon and line

Hundreds of shapes and embellishments to simply drag and drop onto the canvas

Full layer based editor to design your slides layer by layer


3D Features

Build on OpenGL technology. 3DText simply shines on machines with OpenGL accelerated video cards.

Display multiline texts with Excel like fill effects and extrusion.

Export to JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, Targa, Tiff or native Text format.

Powerful advanced gradient creator, no other tool on the market lets you create gradients like these!








Podium from BrightSlides LLC is a easy to use solution for creating stunning Microsoft® Powerpoint® slides and backgrounds.