Library Tab

Library Tab

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Library Tab

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This is the library tab in podium.




Podium is designed to be user-friendly and not require a long learning curve.  One thing you'll notice is that the Templates section is disabled, when you are on the Backgrounds button. The Templates section will become enabled once you click on the templates button in the first section.


At the top, you will see the ribbon bar which includes various buttons to access the features for this view.  Ribbon bars are broken down and visit various sections, as you can see in the library tab Backgrounds and Templates is one section, and Slide Designer Builder is another section


In the middle Main view, there is a shelf view. We have made the shelf you look like wooden shelves, just some nice eye candy. All thumbnails for backgrounds, templates or stock photography will appear in the wooden shelf view. Below the wooden shelf you there are two buttons, Previous and Next. these buttons will be disabled if all thumbnails to be presented are able to fit on the wooden shelves in your screen resolution. If you have a lower screen resolution than the Next button might become enabled. You can see additional shelf view pages by clicking the Next button and go back to see previous shelf pages by clicking the Previous button.