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My Imports

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My Imports

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The My Imports button is similar to backgrounds button. When you click the backgrounds button you see all the backgrounds are included with podium, when you click on my imports button, you will see all the images and pictures you have imported from your TWAIN device, such as your camera, iPhone, iPad or any other TWAIN enabled device.


if you click the My Imports button and nothing appears in your library shelf view, that means you haven't imported any pictures.


The easiest way to import pictures is to simply connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer and then click on the round home button and choose the Select Source menu item.




Once selected, the select source dialog box will open. His podium detects that you have connected a device that has pictures which can be imported, it will appear in the list of Sources.if you have more than one Twain device connected, all connected items will appear in the list of sources. Choose the appropriate device that you want to import pictures from to use in Podium.


The next step is to acquire the images from the device. To do this, click on the round home button and choose Get Images from Device menu option.




Once selected, that get pictures from device dialog will appear, in this case, the screenshot above says get pictures from Apple iPhone. And click the button that says Get Pictures.

Pictures that you selected from the dialog above will be imported into podium and will appear in the My Imports end-of-life tab.




When you are in My Imports, you can right-click on any thumbnail that you see in your imported pictures and easily access the context menu.


You'll notice that most of the options are still there, except for Download has been removed and been replaced with Remove.  when you click on remove, it will remove it from your Imported pictures list only, not from your local hard drive, You must manually delete the original image if you want it erased from your hard drive.  This menu item only removes the thumbnail from view.