Normal Workflow

Normal Workflow

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Normal Workflow

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Lets say you want to quickly create a design background to use in your presentations without editing it.


First Open Podium and click on the Library tab.  Find a design you like from the available content in backgrounds or Stock Photos




For the purpose of this topic, select the Water Picture as shown above, in the Stock Photo's Library and click on the "Use in Slide Builder" button the ribbon bar.


It will take the selected image and transfer it over to the Slide Designer tab, where you can edit an incredible amount of features.  For this purpose we will set the transparency of the water image to 84, so its not so harsh when applied to PowerPoint.






You can make other edits if you desire. Well turn the water slightly blue for keeping it simple.


Slide Deisnger Blue Water


Now click on the Export To...button on the ribbon bar and select, "Export to Powerpoint tab"





On this tab, simply click on whether you need to apply the design to Current Slide or All Slides.   Go ahead and click the Selected Slide button.


at this time Podium will minimize and PowerPoint will come into main view with the background applied to your presentation.



Applied to Powerpoint