One-Click Enhance

One-Click Enhance

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One-Click Enhance

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Enhance Presentation is a very powerful feature, where you can effortlessly make your current presentations visually stunning.




To explain enhanced presentation in a nutshell it basically takes your current presentation and adds the visual styles colors and layouts as well as fonts that you see in a template. Once you enhance presentation only minor adjustments and tweaks are needed to make it all fit properly. We have tried her best to make sure that you don't need to make many tweaks and adjustments, but you should double check it before presenting.


Keep in mind, to use Enhance Presentation you need to first download the template from the cloud, if you try to enhance presentation without a template already downloaded to your local computer,  you will get a message that asks you to download the template if you are running a paid version.  Trial users do not get to download paid content.