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PowerPoint Tab

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PowerPoint Tab

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PowerPoint Tab


This is one the most important tabs in Podium.the PowerPoint tab defines how your creation should be applied to PowerPoint.




After you design your slide in either Slide Designer,  Slide Builder or even 3D Text tab, the normal workflow is to ask for your slide from one of these tabs to the PowerPoint tab.


Let's review each of these buttons and what they do:


The first section is Apply Changes, which defines how your slide that you designed gets applied to each of the slides in the presentation.


Current Slide:

Clicking this button takes your current slide design shown below on this tab, and applies it only to the currently open slide. This means that let's say you had a presentation open that had 57 slides you are on slide 23 when you opened Podium. It will apply your design to only slide number 23.


Selected Slides:

Clicking this button will apply your design to the slides that you have selected right before you opened Podium. If you had no slides selected and click this button, you will get a message that will inform you to select some slides in the presentation.


All Slides:

Clicking this button will take your presentation and apply to all the slides in the last open presentation.  This is the best option if you want your entire presentation to have one background.


Selected Individual PowerPoint Slides:

This check box will put your presentation in tile select mode. After placing a checkmark in this checkbox minimize podium and go back to PowerPoint, you will see that PowerPoint Slides are now tiled.  now you can select individual slides in this view by holding down the control key and left clicking with your mouse. Now when you click Selected Slides button in the Apply Changes section, your design will only be applied to the slide you selected. the checkmark toggles PowerPoint titled view to normal view.


The next section gives you a little bit more fine tuning ability on how to place your design on the PowerPoint slides.


In this section you will see two radio buttons with the following options: Set Design as PowerPoint Background and Set Design is a Free-Floating Image.  let's take a look at these in greater detail.


Set Design as PowerPoint Background:

This option is the default selection. When this is selected it places your design that you created as the background of the PowerPoint presentation/slides. You cannot move it around nor can you resize it.


Set Design is a Free-Floating Image:

This is the second option is available when you want to place your design on the slides as a free-floating image which allows you to resize it and move it around anywhere on the slide. This would be useful if you are creating like a banner or just wanted to use your slide background as a half image on the slide.


When you select this option to additional radio buttons become active.  actual size is the default value that it will take your design and place it on the PowerPoint slide at the design size you created. Now if you wanted to adjust it to a custom size let's say a banner size which is 800 x 120, it would resize your image to this new size and place it on the canvas as a free-floating image. The W and the H which stands for Width and height of the two adjustable number fields to use when entering a new size