Product Activation

Product Activation

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Product Activation

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Podium Product Activation


Product activation is a technical measure that helps protect Podium against unauthorized copying of its software.  Activation is mandatory.  If you do not activate this product, eventually you will be prevented from using it.  You may be required to contact Podium Customer Support by telephone in order to activate this product.


No personal information other than your name and email is provided to us or any other party during the activation process.  This also help in finding your license in case you lose it.


At the time of installation, this product and your computer create an activation number which, along with the product serial number, is provided to us during the activation process.  If you activate this product using the Internet, Internet protocol variables required to establish a connection across the Internet are transmitted to us during the activation process.  These Internet protocol variables include your browser type and Internet protocol address.


This product can tolerate changes to your computer's configuration.  Minor reconfiguration of your hardware after activation will not require an additional activation. If you replace or reformat  your hard drive, or if you remove this product from one licensed computer and install it on another licensed computer, you may be required to activate this product.


Product activation is separate and distinct from product registration.  Product registration is a voluntary process during which you provide us with certain personal and non-personal information such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address and product serial number.  All information provided to us during the registration process is stored separately from information provided to us during activation.


If for some case you need to deactivate podium, click on the home button and select settings. One of the options on the left side is deactivation click this tab to start the deactivation process.


For more information on Piracy and how it affect Developers and End users, please visit http://www.bsa.org