Slide Designer Ribbon Bar

Slide Designer Ribbon Bar

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Slide Designer Ribbon Bar

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Slide Designer Ribbon Bar


This is the Slide Designer ribbon bar.




Let's review some of the buttons on the slide designer ribbon bar.




The first button is New Slide Design, which will take you to the Library tab, where you can choose eight image from either the backgrounds or stock photos including if you have it imported images from my imports.

In the library tab just double-click on an image that you want to bring into slide designer for further designing.


The Save Design button, saves any currently open slide designs are working on. This saves them as a JPEG or PNG. You can access your previously design slides from slide designer back over on the Library tab under My Designs.


The Export To button that we will be discussing below pertains to other tabs as well so please be sure to review this Export To button to get the most out of Podium.


The Export To... button is one of the most important buttons on the ribbon bar.  This button moves your design around the various tabs such as Slide Designer, Slide Builder & 3D Text tab. When you're ready to use your design, either in PowerPoint or one of the other design tabs, such as Slides Designer, Slide Builder or 3D Text, you need to click on the Export To button, which will present you with three options.


Depending on the tab you're in, the Export to button will change hiding the current tab option.  So for example, If you are in Slide Builder, and you click on the export button you will see the other three tabs listed.


When you click on the export to button three options appear:


Export to Slide Builder tab - this option takes your current slide from Slide Designer to Slide Builder tab, where you can continue editing your background in the Slide Builder tab

Export to 3D Text tab - this option takes your current slide background from  Slide Designer To the 3D text tab, were you can use your background as a backdrop for 3D text.

Export to PowerPoint tab -