Slide Designer Tab

Slide Designer Tab

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Slide Designer Tab

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The Slide Designer tab is one of the coolest features of Podium.  It's truly amazing what slide designer can actually do.


The slide designer feature of podium offers you numerous Color filters, Image filters and Transformation filters.  What this means to you is that Podium can take an image such as a stock photo...and manipulate it using color filters  or any transformational filters to create a totally stunning different design which you can use as your PowerPoint background.


Here are some examples of what Slide Designer can do for you!  Take one of our included backgrounds...and in 5 clicks...you have a useable stunning slide!




And One more...




You can literally have millions and millions of slide designs at your fingertips with Slide Designer.


Slide Designer is the tab you'll use to let your creativity flow. Slide designer lets you take any image and lets you completely turn it into a different background for your PowerPoint presentation.


Slide designer tab has numerous transformation and color/image filters you can adjust settings by simply sliding sliders and clicking radio buttons to create incredible PowerPoint backgrounds.


You can also import pictures from your hard drive your camera your iPhone or any other Twain enabled device to create a PowerPoint background. Click on the next section to view more information about the user interface of slide designer.