Stock Photo’s

Stock Photo’s

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Stock Photo’s

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The third button is Stock Photo's in the Library tab.





Stock photos are one of the coolest features of Podium, Podium is the only software application on the market to give you high quality stock photos for you to use in your presentations royalty-free.


Stock photos allow you to give a presentation with more meaning, when you add pictures to your slides. You know what they say "A picture is worth 1000 words"


Podium includes various categories of stock photos such as, food, animals, nature, textures, metaphors, black and white and even animals, you never know when you need to show a Fox for metaphoric expression.





As you learnt to use the Backgrounds view as well as the Templates view, the left-hand pane works similarly for stock photos.


You have a top section in the left-hand pane called stock photos, these are the main categories and then you have the subcategory view right below it. We will be adding more main categories and subcategories as we grow.him him himhim