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The second button is Templates in the Library tab.





Templates are pre-designed presentations that you can use to give your current presentation a kickstart. Templates included with podium have been professionally designed by professional PowerPoint slide designers.

This same paradigm applies to the template section. The top section displays the main categories, the bottom section displays the subcategories.


You will notice only when you click on the Templates button on the ribbon bar, the Templates section of the ribbon bar becomes enabled.




There are two things that you can do with templates:


1.  You can open them and add your own content, by clicking on Open Template


2.  You can take your current presentation and enhance it with the styles, colors and layouts of the template by clicking on Enhance Presentation button on the ribbon bar in the template section.


Too see the true magic of Enhance Presentation, open up a PowerPoint presentation without any styling or design effects added, the plainer the better. Once you have a very plain presentation open with just the important content that you want to convey, click on a template that you like, and press the Enhanced Presentation button on the ribbon bar.