Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

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What are my limitations?

In a broad sense, not much limitations are imposed.  We try to keep it simple.  As long as you are a subscriber, you are free to use the Content as outlined in the EULA, for your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.  If you choose to cancel, then your rights to use any images also ceases since you are not licensing the software any longer.  We would like to explain to your our reasoning on this beyond just a simple sentence.

Intellectual property

When you go out and buy software, People think that of software as a commodity, similar to something you buy off a store shelf, like a book or TV.  When you buy a real commodity such as a book, you actually own the physical object and most of the intrinsic value of that object.

In case of Software, you license it, not purchase it.  When you license the software the important value to you comes from the actual use of the software and not from the physical object such as the CD or the DVD.  You are in fact using the knowledge of the people who designed and wrote the software.  You don’t really own that knowledge, you are just acquiring the use of that knowledge from the use of the software, hence software is a intellectual property, similar to Music or a the words in a book.

Intellectual property is usually intangible items but have high monetary value.  The items cannot easily be described with its physical characteristics so hence Intellectual property is copyrighted.  There are strict International treaties in place that protect the copyright holders rights from unauthorized use.

Podium is software that is licensed, not sold.  It endows upon you, the end-user, a protected right to install, use, access, display & run the software program.  The value and benefit gained through use of Podium may vary by customer.  The way the licensed software can be used is defined clearly in the EULA.  Please take time to read the EULA as it contain important information on the proper licensed use of the software.