Simply stated, Podium is a PowerPoint Addin. In reality it’s much more than that.

When you install Podium for PowerPoint, it installs directly into Microsoft PowerPoint, which means to launch Podium, you have to launch PowerPoint first.

After-Podium-Installation-ImagePodium help you design better presentations by providing you the tools needed to make beautiful PowerPoint presentations.

There are so many features to Podium for PowerPoint that you’ll spend hours exploring all the tools and features built in.

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Later
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 32bit or PowerPoint 2010 32bit or PowerPoint 2013 32bit
  • Internet Connection
  • 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor
  • 100 MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • 256 MB RAM

When you buy 1 license to Podium for PowerPoint, you are granted a license to install it on any 2 computers that you use.

    • 1 Desktop + 1 Laptop


    • 2 Desktops


  • 2 Laptops

Server or Network installation is not allowed nor is it tested.

Surprisingly, Not that much!

That also depends on how much content you download!

All content for Podium is stored in the cloud and you only need to download the items you actually want. There is no limit on how much you can download if you are a Valid License holder, you’re free to download all of the mentioned content, but that could take up valuable hard drive space for content you may never use.

WE designed Podium for PowerPoint in such a way that downloading is a one click-process and almost instantaneous

The Trial version has a special Trial Content folder which is free to use during your Trial period. Unfortunately, majority of the content is locked for Valid License Holders, but you’ll get to preview thumbnails regardless of which mode you are running.

Yes, of course!

Just email us as sales [at] brightslides [dot] com

We offer generous discounts when ever you have more than 5 licenses being installed at a location.

We also offer site license pricing on 15 or more licenses.

No. This is not a subscription based product. It is a one-time cost for the current Major version. When a new Major version is released, due to a new version of Office, then that will be a paid upgrade, in the meantime, any updates we publish that are within the Minor version will free.

Support is provided via the help desk located on our site and communication method is Email only.

At this time we do not offer phone support, but may change in the future.

Yes, they are!

Around 200 professionally designed PowerPoint Templates are included for free when you purchase a license to Podium for PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Templates that are included, all are designed with a Master Slide and additional Content Slides in Multiple Layouts.

New Templates are usually added every quarter, but dont hold us to it! 🙂

Great question! You actually get a alot when you buy Podium for Powerpoint.

For starters, as we mentioned, you get around 200 PowerPoint Templates & a few hundred stunning PowerPoint Backgrounds

Also included is 100 3D Metaphors so you can drop high-quality 3D art on your presentations, these make a great addition to the presentation.

Since we’re on the subject, we also like to mention the hundreds of high-resolution business objects that are included for even more impact!

Don’t forget, this is just content, download the Trial and you’ll see the entire software thats included, no other company can offer this software!
PS: Sometime we forget to talk about the software! That’s the main reason our users love Podium for PowerPoint.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, but we ask that you give us a chance to make it right! If we still cant make it right for you, then we’ll ask you to deactivate it from your machine and we’ll issue the refund for the full amount.

Important Note:To get your refund you will have to Deactivate your license and send in your Deactivation Code so we can validate that you deactivated it. Once we receive the deactivation code, we also mark the serial as invalid so it can’t be reused.

If you decide to purchase it again in the future, a new serial will be issued.

FAQ didn’t solve your issue?

Still have questions?

Lost your License Key?

Just email us at our “Sales” email address (with our domain) with your Name and Email Address. If you have an order number you can also send that over too!

Need to Deactivate Podium?

No Problem. We know people change computers all the time. Just email us at our “Sales” email address (with our domain) with your Name and Email Address and we’ll send over to you how to get Podium moved to another machine, or to a brand new computer!

Need a Specific Template?

Try emailing us the requirements! You never know, your request may be fulfilled and we may just create it based on your email and push the Template out to the Podium Cloud where you & others can download it it instantly!