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System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Operating System

PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016 32-bit


56 MB Hard Disk Space

After Downloading Trial…

After downloading the Trial, Please make sure that PowerPoint is properly closed before you begin the Installation for Podium.  It’s not necessary, but rebooting your computer ensures that PowerPoint is properly closed for a nice and clean installation.

After Installation is complete, Launch PowerPoint and you will see that Podium tab is now installed on your Powerpoint ribbon bar.  See the screenshot below of Microsoft PowerPoint.  Podium for PowerPoint tab is depicted in yellow highlight.

Podium Tab in Powerpoint

After installation you will notice that Podium for PowerPoint tab appears.

First thing you should do is click on the 2 minute overview and familiarize yourself with the basics of Podium for PowerPoint.  It’s a quick guide to get you started without being overwhelmed.  It’s only 5 to 7 screens.

To access the 2 Minute Guide, simply follow the screens below

powerpoint tips

Click on Tips button

Click on Tips button

On the Tips dialog, click the Blue button and this will launch the 2 Minute basics overview.

This will get you started!  Podium for PowerPoint is a feature -rich addin with incredible amount of things to do.  Take  your time and explore all the options.  If you choose not to go through the 2 minute overview of Podium, then simply click on the Launch Podium button on the ribbon bar to start Podium for PowerPoint.


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