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Presentation Enhancer

One-click presentation enhancer will turn your dull and plain slide presentations into a stunning professionally designed looking presentation with just literally one-click.

Content Downloader

We regularly deliver new and fresh content quarterly. No additional costs involved! just click the Download content button and any new content added will automatically be downloaded! Simple.

Presentation Organizer

Podium will automatically index all your presentations with thumbnails on your computer by date so you have access to it all from one easy to use location.

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High Quality Powerpoint Backgrounds and Templates

What Content is Included in Podium for PowerPoint?

Podium’s Content Library

powerpoint theme plugin
  • PowerPoint Backgrounds

    Hundreds of Free Powerpoint Backgrounds designed in-house by our professional designers to give you a kick start in Slide Designer or Slide Builder.

  • PowerPoint Templates

    200 Free Powerpoint Templates included for royalty free use.  Each Powerpoint Templates Backgrounds  is professionally designed with beautiful and well thought out layouts, colors, fonts and images.

  • Stock Photos

    Royalty Free  library of stock photos to use in your presentations.  You can even use the stock photos in Slide Builder or Slide Builder.

  • Shapes & Business Objects

    High quality shapes and business objects are provided royalty-free!  Choose from hundreds of designs such as Arrows, Globes, Bullet Points and other type of objects. Just drag them onto your canvas to give your business presentations more meaning.

  • 3D Business Objects

    High resolution 3-D characters used in presentations as metaphors. Designed in high-end 3D software, Podium includes over 100 3D Business Objects & images that you can use to get your point across all royalty-free.

See the Templates Included in Podium for PowerPoint!

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PowerPoint Backgrounds

Podium has hundreds of backgrounds that you can use in multiple ways.  The Slide Backgrounds are provided in both standard screen aspect ratio and also the new HD widescreen aspect ratio.  The Widescreen backgrounds are in 1920 x 1080 resolution!  That means they are high quality! Powerpoint 2013 now comes with some built in widescreen templates and backgrounds since most laptops and monitors are widescreen.

Download the trial and see for yourself the Powerpoint backgrounds included.

PowerPoint Templates

Powerpoint Templates are the fastest way to kickstart your ppt presentation.  We understand that every industry is different and every presentation requires their own unique look and feel and that’s why with Podium for PowerPoint you will find the variety of PowerPoint design in our Powerpoint templates.  We have crafted each template in-house, so that every template is high quality by adhering to the strict standards we demand.

PowerPoint Podium Templates
PowerPoint Podium Stock Photos

Stock Photos for PowerPoint

These royalty free stock photos included with Podium for Powerpoint are a great content addition to your slide decks.  When you use pictures in your presentations, the audience is not bored with just bullet points.  Feel free to use any of these stock photos in your Powerpoint presentations without licensing worries!

3D Business Objects for PowerPoint

What a better way to add metaphors to your Powerpoint presentations than 3D Metaphors.  These high-quality 3D People and 3D Objects are provided in transparent PNG format so they can be used on any background without any jaggies.  Like all our other content, you don’t have to worry about restrictive licensing image and content use, because everything we provide, including these 3D Objects are Royalty Free!

powerpoint slider thumbnails
powerpoint thumbnails

Shapes & Objects for PowerPoint

VIP Lifetime License holders have access to high-quality business objects that you can simply drag and drop onto your presentations to liven it up or just to emphasize a point in your slide deck.  Podium for Powerpoint include business objects in multiple categories such as Arrows, Bullet Points, Symbols and Office Objects to name a few examples.  All content is Royalty Free and easy to use!  Download the Trial and try out the Trial Content for free!

What others say about us

This is really a amazing plugin!  Just the 3D Text alone is well worth the value for money.  My company has bought at Presenter Media and their software is nothing like this.

My only gripe was that it wasn’t ready for PowerPoint 2013, now it is and I’m happy again….Keep the features coming!

Podium has a huge feature set — and it does have a good price:performance ratio. Podium does bring in a lot of options and that can be intimidating unless you have the time to explore and play with all of them. It’s a good product if you get to use all its features.

Awesome addition to powerpoint!  So many features, where do I start?  Good addition to the templates category!  I was simply just asking and you added it!

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