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Vibrant Color Effects

15 color filters to instantly change your slides look and feel with just a few clicks. Color options include Hue-Saturation-Lightness adjustments, intensity balance to name a few.

Transformation Effects

20 high-quality Transformational filters that will set your slide design apart from the rest. Complex Transformations made easy with just a few clicks to create stunning slide decks with ease.

Captivating Image Filters

35 amazing image filters from Blur, Edge Detectors, Lens Flare, Glow, Plasma, Pixelate & Clouds to name a few.  Combine multiple image filters, to create that one-of-a-kind unique slide design.

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Powerpoint Stunning Podium Slide Builder

What can I build with Slide Builder?

Podium’s Slide Builder Tab

ppt 2010 and 2013 Slide Builder
  • Podium Drawing Tools

    Drawing shapes to draw out your Presentations backgrounds designs.  Shapes are flat and fully modifiable with color and gradient properties to make beautiful shapes.  Check out the examples below.

  • Shapes & Clipart

    Hundreds of professionally designed transparent PNG object, shapes & clipart for drag and drop use on your slides & presentations.  Choose from lots of categories…All Royalty Free!

  • Screen Capture Module

    Add Screen captures to your presentations, The most powerful screen capture module available for PowerPoint!

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Podium Drawing Tools

Cool Drawing tools to help you design beautiful  Powerpoint Templates and Backgrounds.  Add top banners, bottom banners, even import your logo to make it a corporate presentation.  Import backgrounds from 3D Text or Slide Designer tab to make a stunning presentation background.

The screenshot on the right shows how we drew a top border and a bottom border with a gradient, we’re also showing the screen capture options dialog as well.

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Powerpoint screen capture
powerpoint 3d slides

Podium 3D Clipart

Podium for PowerPoint now includes over 100 high-quality 3d Clipart that you  use royalty-free to design  your presentations with simple drag and drop.

The screenshot shows the left panel in with the thumbnails of the 3D Clipart with some examples of how they look.  No Per use pricing!

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Podium Shapes & Objects

Adding metaphors to your PowerPoint presentations is easy with Podium Shapes and Objects.  Podium for Powerpoint provides you with high-quality, hundreds of Transparent PNG, royalty free objects.  No Pay Per use on any Object or shape.

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free powerpoint slides

What others say about us

This is really a amazing plugin!  Just the 3D Text alone is well worth the value for money.  My company has bought at Presenter Media and their software is nothing like this.

My only gripe was that it wasn’t ready for PowerPoint 2013, now it is and I’m happy again….Keep the features coming!

Podium has a huge feature set — and it does have a good price:performance ratio. Podium does bring in a lot of options and that can be intimidating unless you have the time to explore and play with all of them. It’s a good product if you get to use all its features.

Awesome addition to powerpoint!  So many features, where do I start?  Good addition to the templates category!  I was simply just asking and you added it!

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