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How To Use PowerPoint to Get A Job

The job search is never easy, especially in this economy. While our country is steadily improving in terms of new jobs increasing and unemployment decreasing, if you’re actually one of the people out there trying to find a job, it can be frustrating for you. An increase in the number of new jobs doesn’t mean that there’s actually more jobs in a given field, and if that applies to you, it can seem like your job hunt is going nowhere. Here are some ways that PowerPoint can help you land a job.

Deadly PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes People Make!

When you’re putting together a PowerPoint presentation, it’s easy to get so bogged down in creating the slides that you miss a few key elements and end up with some mistakes. Follow these tips to help you build quality presentations with few mistakes. Over the years we have seen people make these mistakes and always had a comment to make after the presentation.

Using PowerPoint for Content Marketing

The saying “Content is King” is one of the most hotly contested topics in the online marketing world. Marketers will say that marketing is king. SEO gurus will tell you that traffic is king. The thing is, when someone is talking about the process of converting visitors to your site into buyers, none of those […]

Overcoming PowerPoint Presentation Fears

There are many people who fear to speak in public, and their number seems to increase considerably. If you are in this situation you probably know how difficult it is to present a simple project, and even to speak up in front of your co-workers. Even if there are many people who fear about these […]