Overcoming PowerPoint Presentation Fears

There are many people who fear to speak in public, and their number seems to increase considerably. If you are in this situation you probably know how difficult it is to present a simple project, and even to speak up in front of your co-workers. Even if there are many people who fear about these public presentations, you should know that many of them managed to overcome this fear.

Having PowerPoint presentation fears doesn’t mean that one cannot create a great PowerPoint presentation. It only means that when it comes the moment of presenting in front of other people you may experience some intense fear of speaking in public. However, there are times when it is helpful to have an amazing PowerPoint presentation that will capture the attention. In this way, your oral presentation won’t have to suffer too much, being actually supported by your creation.

If you are looking forward to overcome the PowerPoint presentation fear, you should overcome it by being aware about the following facts:

  1. Take you time in order to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation

As mentioned before, it is essential to have a great PowerPoint presentation. This means that you should take more time in order to create your best work. If you want to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation, here you have a few tips that should be followed:

–       The backgrounds should be cool and calming, and try to make them identical.  When backgrounds flip from one design to another design, your more likely to stumble and lose your train of thought. This way you will be able to create a symmetrical presentation that has a meaning to anyone who is watching it;

–       The fonts should match the subject you are presenting. In this way you will be able to prove that you have thought carefully about every single detail related to this presentation; Hence what this amounts to is the fact that your confident on the presentation.

–       The font color should be complimentary with the backgrounds. In this way you will obtain a beautiful and visible result that will be appreciated with full clarity.  No one likes reading dark text on a dark background, even when you cant read it, you’ll stumble upon your own word.

–       The rest of the colors used in the presentation should match each other, creating a nice color scheme that has similar shades; Colors on the same hue spectrum help a lot when design is important.

–       The slides should have some great effects that will help your presentation stand out. In this way you will be able to create a positive impression; Top-most rule: Don’t over do it.

–       The effects don’t have to be identical. Therefore you may choose a wide variety of effects for all the slides you have;

–       The background music should perfectly blend in without disturbing the presentation; Always watch the volume as your do not want your music volume to overpower your spoken session;  Keep in mind if this happens that your music is louder than what you are presenting, your going to have to raise your spoken volume; hence making your presentation out of balance.

If you follow these rules and if you are able add the necessary information in a coherent way, you will be able to create an amazing presentation that can both entertain and inform the audience. One of the most common mistakes that are made during a PowerPoint presentation is actually the creation of a boring presentation that is not able to entertain the audience. Besides this you should also make sure that it is personalized and unique. It has been proven that a great PowerPoint presentation has the ability to raise self-confidence, and therefore the one who will present it will be more confident, managing to overcome his fears.

  1. Practice your presentation

Once you have finished your PowerPoint presentation, you should practice it as many times as possible. You can start by practicing in front of the mirror and later you can call some friends, or family…find whoever you can (except fluffy!) over in order to have audience. In this way you will be able to be more confident. Keep in mind that the more you will practice it, the more you will feel less fear, being able to present it in a great way. Usually those who practice more time are actually those who have a better presentation, being able to overcome their fears.

  1. Read further information about the subject

If you have to present a complicated subject, you should make sure that you know more than it is written in your PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, you should read more about this subject, making sure that you won’t have to read too much from the slides. Reading from the slides is not ideal, and usually it gives the impression that you are underprepared. In order to avoid this situation you should master the subject you will be presenting. In this way you have the opportunity to impress your audience, showing that you are well prepared for this occasion.

  1. Be confident

After you have practiced every step, starting with the great PowerPoint and ending with the presentation in front of your friends, you should be confident. You should know that self-confidence is very important, and therefore you should try to be confident in what you know. You will see that this confidence will be visible during the presentation.

Now that you know all these facts about overcoming fear related to PowerPoint presentations, you should apply them in real situations.

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